BTS Travel works with tech partner Raphide for a structural approach to carbon footprinting.

Raphide has developed a module which allows BTS Travel customers to accurately manage CO2 emission accounting. In other words, a structural solution for calculating the carbon footprint of mobility, flying, train and car, among others.

Raphide Kl

Three modules

Raphide consists of three modules that enhance your travels.

Approval module 

Raphide Pre-Trip Audit Notification and Approval Technology provides a suite of pre-trip approval solutions that help organizations manage sustainable travel compliance, risk mitigation, financial and carbon emissions budgets. 


The ability to make national and international train bookings quickly and easily. Railscanner® is under development and will become the Skyscanner® for international train bookings. In a sustainable program, it is also important to make booking and managing international trains as easy as booking an airline ticket.

CO2 emission module

Offers 'Footprint reports' that provide insight into sustainable travel policy compliance, which can be used to further adjust sustainable travel policy and achieve 'compensation'.

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